Master Franchisor Testimonial

As a master franchisor outside of the USA, I am excited to have formalized our partnership with 52 Weeks Marketing. We operate in a socialized health care system that provides government-funded Home Care as the primary access point for home care services. With home care predominantly being “owned” by not-for-profit groups, we essentially provide a “brokered” labor hire style delivery of Home Care services as our main source of income generation.


52 Weeks Marketing allows us to “crack” the enormous private pay home care market that no-one is looking after, making the franchisee’s and marketer’s job easy to position our services at the patient’s point of need. It’s a referral generating system that demands that we communicate with referrers every week and a system that would be impossible for us to replicate or develop ourselves. I believe that it will put us five years ahead of the competition in the private pay market. It’s a great opportunity for us to connect our brand to referrers and the wider community.

Why can’t franchisees do their own Local Area Marketing (LAM)?

Everything about a master franchisor’s system is proven, tested and works, but Local Area Marketing is one of those things that you hope franchisees will be okay at.

How do I align corporate strategy and LAM?

You want your whole organization to be on the same page at the same time aligned to the overall corporate strategy and marketing campaigns.

How do franchisees comply to our system?

52 Weeks Marketing effectively demands that franchisees comply to the system and they have their marketers out there doing something that is going to work.

What if franchisees don’t have a marketing background?

We forget that most franchisees don’t come from a marketing background. Marketing is not necessarily instinctive, so it’s got to be simple and basic.

Can franchisees do LAM on their own?

As a master we sometimes forget that local area marketing and referral generation is the key to our system. How are franchisees going to do it without a system which guides them through all the key components and provides them with all the tools?

What is the franchisees expectation of a master?

There is an expectation on the master that not only will they support the franchisee with marketing efforts but they will supply the tools as well.

What’s the benefit of it being in our franchise system?

It gives franchisees a real business reason to comply and perform to the requirements of the franchise system.

How can I track franchisees with their marketing efforts?

Wouldn’t it be great to know where all my franchisees sit in relation to marketing all of the time?

Will it give me a competitive edge?

In a cluttered and well developed Home Care franchise system market, it creates a huge point of difference to the rest of the pack.

How can I use the system to recruit new franchisees?

This edge flows on to recruitment of new franchisees, giving prospects the comfort of knowing that they are walking into a system which gives them incredible local area marketing capability and tools.